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Article • November 23, 2011

Magically Transform Your Photos and Videos

Shoot movie. Upload to Magisto. Be amazed.

Remember that six-minute long video you took of you and your friends playing a raucous game of flip cup?

Yeah, we didn’t think so.

Contrary to your pals’ opinions, it (along with your other amateur films) is totally salvageable using Magisto. The new site offers a simple three-step process for turning videos of any length into veritable highlight reels.

Upload your file, give the project a title, and add some background music (either your own or Magisto’s stock tunes). Then sit back and let the algorithms go to work. The software automatically cuts less interesting parts and combines what’s left into a montage of scenes seamlessly woven together using cuts, fades, and other fancy editing tricks.

As a serious tool, Magisto rocks. As a vehicle of artistic expression, it may rock even harder. (Our downloaded tornado chaser video backed by Adele was eerily poignant.)

Either way, your films will be memorable.