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Article • December 1, 2011

Lion's Share

Streaky Makes Sending Large Files a Breeze

What do you do if your livelihood depends on sending large files over the Internet, yet every tool out there is slow, cumbersome, and overly complicated?

If you are Streaky Mastering – a London-based digital finishing studio that transmits entire albums to clients like The White Stripes, Kate Nash, and Usher – you create your own tool (and name it after yourself, obviously).

Streaky allows users two options for sharing large files. The basic method has you landing on the homepage backed with music-themed wallpapers and completing the simplest of tasks: Choose as many files as you want (up to two gigabytes total), then enter your recipients email address. Streaky automatically sends the download link.

Option B is where things get interesting. Download the free Streaky desktop app and send files directly from your computer to anyone else who has the app installed – no size limit, no waiting. The app even files away your transfers into sent and received folders where you can keep tabs on your work.

Frankly, it’s music to our ears.