A Remote Possibility - Netted
Article • December 7, 2011

A Remote Possibility

Get No-Fail TV Recommendations from the Internet

Now that there are more movies and television shows than you can shake a stick at, we’ve contracted Carpal Tunnel searching the Web for our favorites.

Our doctor also tells us we’ve been shaking too many sticks.

With Matcha, we get recommendations tailored to our taste culled directly from our Hulu and Netflix playlists as well as our friends’ Facebook likes. So instead of just following the generic ratings board (Two and a Half Men, really?), we can stream bespoke entertainment without wasting precious couch time.

You can sort content by the what’s newest, most popular, highly recommended (based on what programs you mark with a thumbs-up), or what your friends are watching. Once you’ve found what you’d like to stream, Matcha provides links to begin watching immediately.

So you can stick a fork in watching lame movies and TV: It’s done.