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Article • December 8, 2011

Coordinate Plans with Friends Hassle-Free

Make hanging out easier with Hatch

Somewhere between knocking on Tommy’s front door to see if he can come out and play and retweeting Tommy’s check-in at Starbucks on Foursquare, making plans with friends got complicated.

Really complicated.

Hatch, a new social coordination app, is streamlining the process of getting you and your pals in the same place at the same time.

Create an entry with the basic details: who and what (e.g you and your college buddies having happy hour drinks). Once a plan is hatched, the app distributes invites via email or text message; your mates (well, the cool ones) respond to let you know “they’re in.”

You can include a time and place to get things started; your friends have the ability to make suggestions and put ideas up for a vote. Once the details are set (don’t worry, you can edit them any time), users can save the date to their calendars.

And just like that, a great plan is born.