Join Forces - Netted
Article • December 12, 2011

Join Forces

Broadcast your computer to anyone using

“Yes, Mom, I know you downloaded it. That’s why it’s in the download folder. You have to go to the download folder. Do you know how to get to the download folder?”
– Excerpt from a phone call happening somewhere right now

Instead of telling Mom what she needs to do, show her with The simple-to-use tool allows you to take control of someone else’s computer or have them watch while you navigate your own.

All the basics you’ll need are free. You can invite multiple viewers for a group thang and alternate who has control (handy if you’re collaborating on a project, like editing a video or Photoshopping mustaches on cats). The site even provides a phone number for everyone to dial in and chat together.

That way Mom won’t get upset that you never call anymore.