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Article • December 15, 2011

Write Better and Spend Less Time Editing

Proofread everything you type with After the Deadline

Now that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has sold more copies than this year’s Pulitzer Prize winner, it’s no wonder spelling and grammar are on the decline (we’re looking at you, YouTube commenters).

The good news: This problem is curable.

After the Deadline is a browser plugin that finds spelling and grammar mistakes in text boxes all across the Internet. Facebook posts, tweets, emails, blog comments – type as you normally would, click the small icon, and your errors are underlined and correctable with a few clicks.

There is a Firefox add-on and a Chrome extension; other browsers can use a simple drag and drop bookmarklet. For larger chunks of text, paste the selection into the online tool and clean it up in a jiff.

In the fight for proper diction and syntax, call it modern warfare.