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Article • December 16, 2011

Keep Track of Ideas and Collaborate Instantly

Organize random ideas Twitter-style with Fetchnotes

First it was paint on caves. Then it was chisels on tablets. Then ink on paper.

And then progress in the note-taking department kind of stopped.

Two plucky tech guys out of Ann Arbor are attempting to change that with Fetchnotes. The service works two ways: If you’re at your computer, go to the site and jot down your thought. If you’re on the go, send a text message to your account (even easier if your phone has voice-to-text).

With a Twitter-like functionality, Fetchnotes compiles and categorizes your jottings according to hashtags (think #giftlist, #todo, #hookedupwithatholidayparty). Notes with similar tags are lumped together for easy organization.

Right now, the site is in beta. Deep beta. So deep that the group functionality (using Twitter-reminiscent @ mentions to loop in other list participants) isn’t finished yet. Nevertheless, we’ve secured invite codes for Netted readers so you can watch as Fetchnotes continues to get even more awesome.

Write it down: You heard it here first.