Buy a Gift Card For Anywhere You Want - Netted
Article • December 19, 2011

Buy a Gift Card For Anywhere You Want

Create gift cards for any business with GiftRocket

Option 1: Give cash.
Option 2: Give a gift card to some generic gift card-type place.
Option 3: Start shopping much earlier next year.

Or do none of the above and use GiftRocket, a nifty little service that disguises your cash as a gift card good at the business of your choosing.

So instead of sending your sister a $50 bill (or a $50 gift card to Applebee’s) you can choose a business you know she loves and buy her an e-certificate there in the amount of your choosing.

When she’s ready to redeem it, GiftRocket will transmit the amount via PayPal, electronic bank transfer, or old-fashioned paper check.

Of course there’s no telling what she does with the money after that. But at least you know she’ll like what she gets.