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Article • December 21, 2011

Course of Action

Shop Online for Offline Classes Using SkillShare

Think back to the last useable skill you learned because you wanted to – not for work, or for a spouse, or because the court ordered you to.

Now consider SkillShare’s position: What the heck are you waiting for?

The site – which thinks it’s a damn shame you don’t know how to screen print a t-shirt – is a virtual registrar’s office, pairing eager students with willing teachers. The difference between this and school? Anyone can be a student, and anyone can be a teacher.

Class topics run the gamut from refinancing mortgages to patenting inventions. And while a private Photoshop tutor may charge $100 an hour, a three-hour long class here is a mere 25 bucks.

Posting a class to teach is a simple Craigslist-style effort, whether hosting six people in your kitchen for a bread-baking lesson or gathering 50 at a nearby park to explain The Wire.

All that matters is that you’re sharing the educational wealth.