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Article • January 3, 2012

Create Reminders and Events for Every Special Date

Keep track of random events with Timenotes and Days Left Widget

The champagne, the merriment, the heady rush of high expectations. That was a damn good time.

So let’s not wait 363 days to do it again.

Our resolution: Break up 2012 into a bunch of intermittent countdowns – and do it on our phones.

For iPhone there’s Timenotes, a $0.99 app that tracks the days, hours, and minutes remaining before an important event. Creating an entry is simple and straightforward; the only flourish is an optional pop-up reminder for up to two days prior.

Android users can download the Days Left Widget, which lets you pin windows to your wallpaper in three different sizes. Important entries can get prime real estate on your home screen, while lesser ones (like ho-hum Tax Day) can be relegated to screens one or two swipes over.

Both Timenotes and the Days Left Widget can be used to track days since an event as well as days to, which is handy for monitoring resolutions. For example, it’s been three days since we counted down to anything.

We’re already slacking.