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Article • January 4, 2012

Discover Your Perfect Home via Your Online Profile

Find homes using your Facebook profile with ApartmentList

The last time we were apartment hunting, a broker shared this piece of wisdom: “The hardest part of finding an apartment is finding an apartment.”

We went with a different broker.

But to give the doofus his due, finding worthy listings is no easy feat. The novel solution created by ApartmentList involves a map, your Facebook account, and some extraneous multiple choice questions. (Bear with us here.)

Start by mapping your desired city or zip then add the usual criteria (number of bedrooms, price, pet policy, etc.). When prompted, log in with Facebook. ApartmentList won’t post anything without your permission; the site simply uses information you’ve made public in order to tailor recommendations.

And those nonsensical trivia questions in the upper right? You may not think how many books you read or your favorite 80’s sitcom will help find an apartment, but lo and behold, answer away and your results are scaled back accordingly.

If only there was a service like this for brokers.