Finishing First - Netted
Article • January 5, 2012

Finishing First

Prioritize Your To-Do Lists with Clockblock

So you finally have more resolutions to address than gifts to return.

Now, where to start?

Clockblock helps prioritize your lists to clearly find the first step. Tasks with the nearest due date float to the top, and items you’ve indicated as important appear twice as big. If a due date falls more than a week out, that entry sinks to the bottom and is displayed in gray.

Since most achievements can be broken into smaller pieces (e.g. buying avocados to make your world-famous guacamole), to-do lists are divided into tasks. But to prevent information overload when viewing them all, each list’s elements get the same color so the sifting process takes no more than a glance.

Once you’ve finished an item, simply click the appended minus sign and you’re ready to move on to your next assignment.

It’s our gift to you that will make accomplishing this year’s resolutions almost too easy.