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Article • January 6, 2012

Perfect Stitch

Get Your Favorite Bands' Shirts Delivered to You with Shirtify

Though recording an album now takes little more than a computer and a microphone, making a living on it takes more than watching the inevitable torrent go viral.

Shirtify has devised a novel solution for people taking the shirts off artists’ backs: Put their shirts on yours.

The subscription-based site syncs with music services like Spotify,, Pandora, and Rdio; quarterly or monthly plans deliver four or 12 shirts from the bands you’ve listened to the most. Their three-shirt sampler offers instant gratification for those who hate waiting.

Shirtify pays artists full price for the tees, which goes a long way to support their music. Since labels make money on record sales and streaming sites offer a pittance in royalties, merchandise is the best way to show bands the love while funding their next record.

All the technology in the world can’t replace a rockin’ t-shirt.