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Article • January 10, 2012

Snatch and Grab

Filter News For Only The Topics You Love with Trapit

By now, finding important, relevant information is supposed to be easier than shooting fish in a barrel.

But who needs a gun when there’s Trapit?

Freshly out of private beta, the site lets you set “traps” to gather breaking news for specific topics – like Google Alerts meets RSS feeds meets Pandora (as you thumb up or thumb down articles, Trapit learns and tailors its results accordingly).

Of course, the amount of content surfacing depends upon the relevancy of your filters: “GOP Presidential Race” is understandably hot right now, while “Water-Skiing Squirrels” is not.

Your everyday Web search of, say, “Esquire magazine” will result in three pages of the most-clicked links from SEO-tastic sites. But a trap for Esquire produces fresh content from the magazine itself comingled with indiscriminate mentions from sites big and small.

All of which should make surfing for the good stuff a whole lot easier.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t jump the shark.