Create the Strongest Passwords for All of Your Logins - Netted
Article • January 11, 2012

Create the Strongest Passwords for All of Your Logins

Log in to and register for sites lightning quick with Dashlane

Online shopping: one of the greatest inventions of the Internet age.

Unless you’re trying to do it with a bunch of passwords you’ve forgotten.

We’ve been test-driving a solution for just that problem called Dashlane, a free download that uses one super strong master password to store the sign up information for every site you visit.

Upon returning, you’re automatically logged in. When registering for new sites, it can even generate and save random passwords so you don’t have to.

The service works for all types of sites, from email and social networks to bills and banking. But where Dashlane really shines is shopping: It keeps multiple credit cards on file, stores screenshots of purchased items, and records how much you’ve spent per card.

Dashlane is still in beta, but since we love you so much, we’ve secured invites for Netted subscribers. You don’t even need a secret password.