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Article • January 17, 2012

Check, Please

Organize All Your Bills in One Place with Manilla

add insult to injury, v. 1. To make an intolerable situation even worse. 2. Having to pay a late fee on top of your credit card bill.

See also: ouch.

Here with a much-needed remedy is Manilla, a blissfully free service that wrangles all of your bills into one place and keeps track of due dates so you don’t have to.

The site pulls your accounts – including credit cards, cell phones, utilities, and loans – into a clean, easy-to-use interface that shows you what’s due when. Electronic copies of your bills are available for viewing, and Manilla even archives them for future reference.

And since the service only requires one password (which uses bank-level protection), gone are the days of logging into a dozen different sites just to check in on your finances.

The kicker? Manilla even tracks rewards programs (you know, the ones you’ve totally lost track of) as well as deal sites like LivingSocial and Groupon to assemble a comprehensive list of your coupons.

Which is the definition of convenience.