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Article • January 19, 2012

Keep a Digital Food Journal and Shed Off Extra Pounds

Track your daily caloric intake and lose weight with MyFitnessPal

Fun to count: money, cards, blessings, chickens (after they hatch, of course). Not so fun to count: calories.

Which is the real marvel of MyFitnessPal: It makes tracking what you eat a downright enjoyable endeavor. The app – available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, even Blackberry – uses a massive nutritional database and intuitive tools to manage your daily caloric intake.

Set a target weight and see an at-a-glance summary of your progress along with the day’s remaining calories. As you eat, enter items manually or use the barcode scanner for packaged goods. With over 1,100,000 foods, MyFitnessPal’s database almost assuredly has info on your entry. (We tried stumping it with Sonic’s limited-time-only Baja Dog. It’s there. And it is not healthy.)

For extra reinforcement, friends can track your progress. But if this is a personal challenge, detailed nutrient statistics ensure you have all the information you need in your palm. An assortment of charts and graphs scientifically prove your dedication is worth it, even if you can’t tell.

The proof is in the fat-free pudding.