Who Charted? - Netted
Article • January 23, 2012

Who Charted?

Track and Examine Your Daily Progress on RoutineTap

Our favorite season is almost here: Girl Scout Cookie season.

Also known as One Size Larger Pants season, Constant Sugar High season, and Awkward Glances from Co-workers season.

So this time around we’re shooting for moderation with the help of RoutineTap. It’s an incredibly versatile progress-tracking site offering customizable daily questions and answers that automatically generate charts and graphs to quantify your entire life.

In our case, we set up measures to track cookie consumption (in the hope that 43 boxes will last a whole year), weight gained, and hours lying awake in bed at night.

The less cookie-obsessed can use RoutineTap to curb, encourage, or simply track everything from spending habits to hours in the gym. Set up multiple questionnaires to see the correlation of your habits, like the effect of four cocktails on your Facebook activity.

The important thing to remember is to not try to steal our Thin Mints — we know exactly how many we have left.