Make Extra Money for Renting Out Your Parking Space - Netted
Article • January 31, 2012

Make Extra Money for Renting Out Your Parking Space

Rent your driveway's unused parking space with JustPark

In the world of frustrated drivers, there are two kinds of people: those looking for a parking spot, and those with driveways.

Joining the two is JustPark. The service – which has helped over 40,000 Brits rent out their precious paved real estate – is now taking applications for its stateside operation.

JustPark gives driveway owners access to its online booking system, where you can set availability or enable Instant Bookings (making your space a veritable parking meter).

Drivers looking for convenient spots can enter the location they need to park near and see a map of available spots comparing cost, proximity, even reviews from previous users (“Nice landscaping!”).

For now, those looking to list their driveway can see the estimated value of their driveway, while drivers eager to find spots can sign up to be notified when the service launches in their ‘hood.

Until then, we recommend circling the block one more time.