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Article • February 2, 2012

Birthday Suitable

Pool Funds for Birthday Presents with Giftiki

With Facebook’s impending IPO, the Internet is about to see the first $100 billion birthday reminder service.

Seems a bit high.

But if you really want to take advantage of it, you can start using Giftiki. The new site is the digital equivalent of “going in on a gift.” Except you don’t have to pick anything out. You don’t have to collect money. And the contributors are everyone you know on Facebook.

Here’s how it works: Log in online or with the iPhone app and see a list of Facebook friends’ upcoming birthdays. Pick a pal and choose an amount you’re willing to chip in (ranging from one buck to a ten spot) then loop in mutual Facebook friends to do the same.

Several small, though generous donations later you have an impressive fund, which the recipient can convert into a gift card right through Giftiki.

It’s no hundy billion, but luckily it’s the thought that counts.