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Article • February 3, 2012

Create Music Video Playlists for Any Occasion

Generate YouTube video playlists on Tubalr

Video killed the radio star. Then Internet radio killed the recording industry (allegedly).

Now Tubalr plans to combine the two in an effort to resurrect both.

Like Pandora for music videos, the site generates lists comprised either entirely of your favorite band’s videos or a mish-mash of artists with the same musical qualities.’s infrastructure provides every group’s autobiographical information along with the ability to listen to entire genres in the hopes of stumbling onto a new favorite band.

But where the site really shines is live performances. For example, we created a playlist of our favorite videos from the genius site La Blogotheque, which films guerilla concerts from the likes of Arcade Fire (in an elevator) and Bon Iver (in an abandoned apartment).

There’s no sign up necessary to use Tubalr, but creating an account enables you to sock away favorites and share playlists of your own.

Music videos. What a novel idea.