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Article • February 9, 2012

Tweeter's Digest

Replace Summify and Abridge Your Twitter Feed with

In March of 2011, Summify was a Netted Hall of Famer.

Now it’s a cautionary tech success story, becoming so popular that Twitter couldn’t keep its hands off.

Luckily, when a social media behemoth closes a door, we at Netted like to open a browser window – this time to

Poised to fill the void left by Summify, the service combs your Twitter stream then sends you a daily email with the five most popular stories based on the tweets of people you follow. To give you an idea, high profile tweeters like New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof have made their digests public. originally gained clout with a free iPad app (still available; still awesome) that aggregates full, ad-free articles culled from your Twitter feed and stores them for offline reading.

To summify: Whether your 140-character addiction parallels ours or you’re a once-a-year tweeter, is the easiest way to abridge your Twitter stream.