Freight Container - Netted
Article • February 15, 2012

Freight Container

Store Text and Photos from Everywhere in Your Hopper

Hoppers can hold all sorts of stuff. Grain. Coal. Legislative ballots.

Now, everything else.

Think of your Hopper as a bottomless junk drawer, albeit one with a search bar. Been emailing yourself notes? Store them in Hopper. Have photos you want to access anywhere? Into the Hopper. Bookmarking articles to read later? You get the idea.

Add items from on- or offline via copy and paste; in Firefox and Chrome, drag and drop will work, too. For storing whole sites, the bookmarklet is an even easier way to go.

You don’t need to sign up to start adding items – to test it out, just copy this sentence then go to the site and paste it.

The sleek little webtool also generates a shortened link for each item in case you want to share your stuff with others.

There must be something in there they’ll want.