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Article • February 17, 2012

Irrational Public Radio

Explore Millions of Songs and Stations on Raditaz

We may not come to a consensus on what bands we like (Maroon 5, really?), but we can all agree that more options are better.

More as in 14 million more.

That’s how many songs are on Raditaz, a service similar to Pandora in many ways save one: Its library has 13 million more songs.

Tuning in will be familiar for Pandora fans (though the depth of stations will not). Select a band as the station’s foundation, then like and dislike songs to hone future suggestions. Only six skips are allowed per hour per station.

Then there are apps for iDevices and Android. Enhanced features include the option to name each station you create (“work out,” “break up,” etc.) and browse stations in a Twitter-like trending section or laid out on a Google map.

Which is more than a few options to consider.