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Article • February 22, 2012

Maintain a Simple List of Things to Do

Complete your to-do lists with simple gestures in Clear

Three weeks ago, a demo video of an as-yet-unavailable iPhone app surfaced on the web.

600,000 views later, the makers of Clear knew they were onto something.

So how do you drum up that kind of interest over an app, let alone a simple list-making app? You make it look good. Really, really good.

For starters, the top-to-bottom cascading color scheme organizes each list’s objectives from most to least important. Handy, sure.

What’s most impressive is the navigation: To add a new entry, swipe down from the top or pinch between two current goals. Swipe to the right to mark something completed or to the left to completely delete it. Pinch the entire list together to move up a level and work on a different list.

All in all, quite impressive.

In fact, you should just watch the video.