Mission Unenroll - Netted
Article • February 24, 2012

Mission Unenroll

Reduce Inbox Clutter Incurred by Social Media with Notification Center

We need to talk. It’s about your inbox.

We love hanging out here, we really do. It’s just that, well, all these unnecessary notifications from Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn – they’re crowding up the place, and frankly they don’t bring much to the table.

You should pay a visit to Notification Control. It’s a simple collection of bookmarks providing quick access to the email notification “off switch” for 14 social media sites.

All those crime-against-grammar YouTube comments? Done. LinkedIn alerts that someone you never met got a new job? No more. Friend suggestions from Facebook? Got enough of those, thanks.

In a few short minutes, your inbox will be an uncluttered repository of useful information.

And the occasional Nigerian prince scam. They’re a hoot.