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Article • February 29, 2012

Market Research

Find Exactly the Apps You're Looking for with Chomp

Search for “bird watching” in iTunes and the first iPad app result is for Soulo Karaoke.

Though Apple rightly thinks we sing like birds, Chomp knows we were referring to something more like Peterson Feeder Birds of America. Because Chomp quickly and easily does what standard markets don’t: It searches apps by what they do as opposed to what they are named.

Of course, the searching excellence extends beyond just iPads to top apps for iPhones and Androids. For daily recommendations and the same powerful discovery methods, its iPhone and Android apps pack the same awesome punch.

Even if you’re not in the market for a new app, the site’s prepopulated pages for on-sale apps, trending apps, and all-time greats are worth browsing. Chomp even produces a monthly trend summary explaining search spikes and app prevalence so everyone can see why Soulo Karaoke isn’t at the top of all of your results.

Needless to say, our off-key editors are singing Chomp’s praises.