Oodle Hangout - Netted
Article • March 2, 2012

Oodle Hangout

Watch Streaming Video Shared by Friends on Chill

Sometimes we go out of our way to be productive on the job.

Particularly when it’s our job to find amazing procrastination machines like Chill.

Equal parts YouTube and Twitter, Chill rounds up videos suggested by people you follow and displays them in a Pinterest-style format.

Even without signing up, you can view Chill’s most popular videos or use its search engine to display all 989 shit-people-say videos. (Shit Netted Says: You can stop making shit-people-say videos now.)

If you feel like adding your two cents, there are plenty of sleek sharing options and even a bookmarklet that pulls videos to your Chill account from anywhere on the web.

Plus, Chill has one of the most essential items for any Internet-based video-viewing service: disengaged autoplay, making it possible for your viewing experience to be one and done.

Not that that’s likely to happen.