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Article • March 5, 2012

Share a Like

Read Books and Compare Notes with Friends on Readmill

Ever read a line in a book and immediately want to share it? But you’re alone in bed, so you jot a note in the margin, dog ear the page, and promptly forget about it?

So did the makers of Readmill, a new website with a simple philosophy: Digital books should be easily shareable.

Read DRM-free titles on Readmill’s iPad app or sync your Kindle with its bookmarklet. Highlight a part you like, add a note, and immediately share it with others. Back at the website, snippets are displayed on your wall so you can memorialize your favorite books and others can follow your recommendations.

Readmill also has add-on apps like Readmap, which plots the books you’ve read by location, and Readtracker for Android, which tracks your progress on your current read so friends know when you’re ready for a new suggestion.

To see it in action, watch this video. Though it might be more fitting to read about it.