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Article • March 6, 2012

Learn Anything From the Best Experts for Free

Show off your expertise or learn new stuff online on MentorMob

Netted subscribers have a seemingly universal problem.

You’re too damn smart.

Here with an outlet for you pent up genus is MentorMob. The crowd-sourced show-and-tell site combines sources like YouTube, news articles, and Google Docs to create lesson plans (the site calls them “playlists”) on, well, anything and everything.

Pull together your favorite resources to teach others how to root their Androids and delete all those preinstalled apps. While you’re there, learn a few card tricks to impress your significant other (trust us, it’s sexy).

Playlists are tagged and divided into categories so browsing for inspiration or new information is dead simple.

So teach on, you crazy awesome diamonds.