Send and Control Sensitive Information Securely - Netted
Article • March 9, 2012

Send and Control Sensitive Information Securely

Send secure single-display conversations with Burn Note

It’s a well-known fact that our greatest hobby is saving the world.

But we still have emails to send.

So when we have to send secure, for-your-eyes-only messages, we use Burn Note. The site completely deletes all information from their servers after one view and all unviewed messages after 72 hours.

One option displays your message in plain text so recipients can copy encoded information. Two other options prevent duplication and screen grabbing: Spyglass requires clicking and holding to view a small circle of text, and Short Phrases divides your message and displays only portions at a time, making it impossible for passersby to read over your shoulder.

An adjustable three-minute timer is added to every note, and for even more security you can throw on a single-use password that vanishes faster than ninjas in Seattle.

So just call us “Webbys . . . Netted by the Webbys.”