Use Your Phone to Cut Down on Paper Junk Mail - Netted
Article • March 12, 2012

Use Your Phone to Cut Down on Paper Junk Mail

Unsubscribe from junk mail by taking its picture with PaperKarma

Online there are rigorous spam filters keeping the junk out of your inbox.

In real life, no such luck.

If your mailbox overfloweth, try PaperKarma. The mobile app for iPhoneAndroid, and Windows Phone allows you to unsubscribe from all forms of junk mail by simply taking a picture of it.

In our trial run, we found it works best with catalogues and unsolicited offers from well-known companies (credit cards, magazines, etc.). Just open the app, take a picture of the offending item, and click “submit.” You’ll receive a confirmation within 24 hours that you’ve been successfully unsubscribed.

Of course, it takes a few weeks for the change to kick in (marketers don’t give up that easily). But for this kind of simplicity we’re happy to wait it out.