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Article • March 13, 2012

Find the Most Detailed and Up-To-Date Weather

Examine the weather's every detail with WunderMap

Until recently, whenever people said “Doppler,” all we could hear was “dimpled.”

So every forecast predicting hail the size of golf balls just meant another awesome game of mini golf.

Wundermap has cleared up a whole lot of issues — and even some weather conflicts. It’s a highly customizable weather map with constantly up-to-date information from weather stations across the nation.

Though they’re great with normal temperatures, they specialize in extreme weather conditions. From nearby fires to snowfall to hurricane potential, relevant information and alternating sources or display methods is all conveniently to the right of your ever-changing weather chart.

Perhaps best of all is the Road Trip Planner. It bolsters your standard Google Map direction search with weather temperatures along your route as well as warnings about temperature drops below freezing and rain chances.

With these mysteries solved, the only horror left is doppelgänger attacks.