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Article • March 14, 2012

A Simple Tool to Keep Track of Your Goals

Keep score of vices and virtues with Joe's Goals

If you’re anything like us, a trip to the gym isn’t a just ho-hum chore. It’s a victory over laziness, hard-won and deserving of celebration in our book of “Outstanding Achievements for the Day.”

At least that’s what using Joe’s Goals has taught us.

The site helps you catalogue recurring goals in weeklong chunks. Completing positive tasks (eating breakfast) increases your score while negative ones (eating a Diet Coke for breakfast) decreases it. You can weight certain goals so harder activities like cleaning the house earn you extra credit.

There is a handy logbook for optional notes, and everything’s sortable by tag for quick clarification or prioritization, so maintaining your checklists doesn’t feel like just another chore.

Though if you want to count it, we won’t judge.