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Article • March 19, 2012

Pressing Engagement

Calendar Events with One Click Using

Cool Friend: “Did you hear about that interactive art show where the dogs dressed as butlers?”

You: “Oh yeah. Service Dogs – I read about that. When is it?”

Cool Friend: “Yesterday.”

Sound familiar? Not the dogs dressed as butlers, but the missing out on things? That’s where can help. Install the bookmarklet and with the press of a button you can add upcoming concerts, parties, shows, and other happenings from any webpage directly into a calendar cleverly sorted by date and time.

Simply highlight the pertinent information and click the “Grab It!” popup. The plans are automatically uploaded complete with a map and link back to the original invitation. Each week, will email you an agenda of upcoming events, and you can also export events to your Google Calendar or iCal.

Otherwise you’re barking up the wrong tree.