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Article • March 22, 2012

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Capsule Shares Party Plans and Photos with the Right People

Netted spring break 2012. The fruity cocktails! The HTML-loving groupies! The shudders when Aunt Marie liked our swimsuit pics on Facebook!

It wasn’t a total success.

Next year we’ll use Capsule, a one-stop shop for party planning and archiving that only includes the people you want.

Each event you create receives a custom email address for group planning (“Who’s bringing the hummus?”) and phone number for on-the-fly texts (“No one let Chris go swimming, he just ate lunch!”). This way even your Facebook-less buddies can get in on the action.

Anyone you’ve invited to the party can download the CapsuleCam app, which automatically uploads every photo you take during the event to a shared group album – meaning you can stop pestering people to email you their pictures the next day.

If only it would stop Aunt Marie from pestering us about wearing sunblock.