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Article • March 23, 2012

Shown Call

Turn Your Phone into a YouTube Remote with Clik

You’ve seen every video anyone’s shared in the last 24 hours.

But has everyone else at this party?

If it has a computer and you have an iDevice or Android handy, you can start playing YouTube videos with the help of Clik. In quite possibly the best use of a QR code ever, you simply load the site, scan the screen with the app, and poof: Your phone becomes your remote.

Browse categories for new videos or queue up clips you’ve already favorited within your Clik app. “Trending” is easily the most accessable category, but there’s also stuff close to our heart like TeamCoco, Cyriak, and The Onion. If nothing else, there’s always the search button.

All the other controls appear on your phone, so favoriting, pausing, and adjusting the volume are all conveniently at your fingertips.

So the party can rage on, complete with screams of “Look Ma! No keyboard!”