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Article • March 29, 2012

Be a Better Friend

Maintain Relationships with Ease Using Mingly

Good question: If a Facebook friend has a birthday but no one logs in celebrate it, does it really happen?

Better question: Why are you making all these “friends” if you never speak to them?

Mingly hooks up with your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to put important info about your friends — birthdays, new jobs, relocations, and relationship changes — in a place where you will never miss it: your email.

As a Gmail plugin, Mingly adds an expandable dashboard right into your mailbox where you can see any updates your contacts have made plus receive and send direct messages from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

If you don’t use Gmail, you can still opt in to receive what might be your most informative daily email (besides this one, of course) — a roundup of any notable events in your friends’ lives along with reminders to keep in touch with old friends and introduce yourself to new ones.

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