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Article • April 2, 2012

Oracle Software

Create Neatly Organized Itineraries with Short Calendar

We’ve said it before: Here at Netted we’re big fans of simple tools that do simple tasks really well.

Short Calendar is our new favorite. It’s a free tool that creates weeklong agendas in the form of neatly organized calendar boxes, which are emailed directly to recipients from the site.

Potential uses are endless, from group vacations to hectic workweeks to exercise routines. The simple layout, which renders flawlessly in email, is a helpful aide for “visual thinkers” (a.k.a. forgetful people).

Each day is conveniently boxed with the date at the top for quick reference. Add the recipients’ email addresses and a subject line and click “Send.” Easy as pie.

As for completing the agenda, that’s on you.