Set and Track Goals and (Most Likely) Succeed - Netted
Article • April 3, 2012

Set and Track Goals and (Most Likely) Succeed

Declare your intentions on Gonna Try

Like Wile E. Coyote, most people are propelled by goals.

Goals and rocket-powered rollerskates.
For those with the drive sans the death wish, Gonna Try is a safe nudge in the right direction. The homepage asks you to complete one simple statement: “I’m gonna try to _____________ by ______.”

Define your goal and the date that you’d like to accomplish it by, on, or until. Then choose from a list of tools you will use to assist you – everything from exercise apps like Fitocracy to the basic motivation of “being public about it.”

Scroll to the bottom and sign the “pledge” that you will return to record your results. The site will send a reminder but otherwise butt out – because Gonna Try isn’t primarily concerned with success or failure. What the site cares about most is helping people take the first step, which is making a “noble attempt.”

And if Wile E. Coyote taught us anything, it’s that the enjoyment is in the challenge.