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Article • April 4, 2012

Request a Ride in Any Metropolitan Area

Order chauffeured cars via text or app with Uber


Scenario One: You finish dessert, pay your check, and head into the rain to hail a cab. There are no cabs. You get wet.

Scenario Two: You finish dessert. Before paying the check, you order a cab with Uber. You head into your cab. You do not get wet.

Spoiler alert — we’re big fans of scenario two.

With Uber, you simply text your pick-up location or set it using the iPhone or Android app. You’ll receive one text with the estimated arrival time and another when the car arrives.

Your account is linked to a credit card, so payment happens automatically; even the tip is included in the cost of your fare. Like regular taxis, prices start with a base fare and increase in increments according to distance traveled or time idling. And with our sweet offer, Netted readers get $15 off their first ride when they book using promo code NETTEDUBER.

It’s what you might call an ideal scenario.