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Article • April 6, 2012

Playlist of Champions

Subscribe to Podcasts without the 'Pod on Flapcast

On camping trips, pops taught us how to cast for fish.

Yesterday at work we learned how to cast for pods.

Flapcast is a service that makes podcasts from across the web available in one searchable, streamable place. Browse to find new on-air personalities or start subscribing to your favorites for a giant queue of engaging info on demand.

Like your typical music streaming service (think Spotify), Flapcast queues up podcasts and autoplays through the list, essentially creating the most interesting AM radio station in the world. Though there are no apps to speak of yet, the site does function on mobile devices.

If you’re new to podcasts, may we suggest starting with the latest episode of This American Life or this classic Radiolab episode about how Carl Sagan met his wife and Neil de Grasse Tyson explains the Copernican Principle.

Suddenly, finding the best podcasts has gone from a game of sport to friendly catch and release.