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Article • April 10, 2012

Transform LinkedIn into a Job Hunting Platform

Find jobs via LinkedIn contacts with Jibe

You’ve created an account, connected with randoms, and patiently waited for the purpose of LinkedIn to be revealed to you.

 is ready to make it all worth your while.

The service acts like a regular job search engine, right up to the point where you apply for a position. After uploading your resume and cover letter to Jibe, you are invited to log in to LinkedIn (or Facebook) to see if anyone you know currently works at the company you are applying to.

If so, you can ask those contacts to give you a “thumbs up” — basically a quick, though incredibly impactful, referral. Use of the referral service isn’t required (Jibe is still a convenient job application tool without it), but those few clicks can go a long way toward making you stand out from the crowd.

Besides, it’s time for all that networking to pay off.