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Article • April 12, 2012

Find Insightful Stories Without Distractions

Read excellent crowdcurated articles with Scoopinion

We prefer our news like our café waiters: prompt, insightful, and always ready with more of what we need.

Our nominee for headwaiter of the Internet: Scoopinion. Using extensions for Chrome and Firefox, the web app quietly gathers information about your reading preferences to serve up an ever-changing list of amazing and relevant recommendations.

There’s no sharing or liking or tweeting involved. To use Scoopinion all you need to do is read articles like you normally would – and read them well. (As the site’s founders say, “An outrageous headline can only get you so far.”)

Scoopinion will then suggest similar articles from its “whitelisted” sites – over 250 legit publications like Pitchfork, CNN, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, and BBC. A weekly digest features the most popular articles from the entire community; a daily version is more tailored to each user’s individual taste.

The site isn’t quite open to the public yet, but we secured invites for you to get in early. Just go here, register, and install the extension.

Then steel yourself for a daily dose of piping hot newsiattos.