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Article • April 13, 2012

Improvement Park

Find Kickstarter Projects to Support with Fundhaus

We have an embarrassing Kickstarter habit.

We’ll fund our friends’ projects. Or anything promising stickers. Beyond that, nada. (Venture capitalists we are not.)

But one go-around with Fundhaus is changing our tune. The site combines the awesome crowdfunding of Kickstarter with the random discovery of StumbleUpon (to no one’s surprise, the site was forced to change its name after launching as KickStumbler).

Start at the homepage and click the oversized “Try It” link to land on a random project. From there, you can use the drop-down menus to sort through projects by category of interest or tags like popular, small projects, or ending soon.

For us, the simple next button is enough. It’s compulsively clickable, and each new project is a welcomed dose of creativity.

So now we have an embarrassing Fundhaus habit.