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Article • April 18, 2012

Stay Out Great

Find Discount Rates at Mystery Hotels

What’s the difference between four four-star hotels located within ten blocks of each other?

At the end of the day, not much.

If you agree, good news: Guestmob can get you into one of those hotels at a deep discount. The only catch? You won’t know which one until the booking is confirmed.

Start by choosing your destination city and date range of stay. Guestmob’s search results will give you a choice of “collections” — groups of hotels in the same neighborhood with the same star rating. Book the collection that suits your needs; you’ll receive an email with the winning hotel on the Thursday before your scheduled arrival. Last-minute reservations will confirm immediately.

Suspicious? We were, too. But when we cross-checked rates with other sites for the same time periods, Guestmob was consistently at least 30 percent cheaper.

Consider it an invitation to throw caution to the wind.