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Article • April 19, 2012

Clean Slate

Simplify YouTube Viewing and Amazon Shopping with A Cleaner Internet

Imagine your TV screen had flashing banner ads, pictures of other shows, viewer stats, and a comment section.

You’d probably watch a lot less television.

A Cleaner Internet aims to make online videos as clutter-free as offline ones. The extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari removes all distraction from YouTube — backgrounds, related videos, and pretty much everything except your video.

The results are visually stunning: You don’t realize how much extra junk is on the page until you see a before and after photo. (Activate the extension on Amazon too for an even bigger shock.)

The show/hide button can easily bring back the extra content, and a button to dim the background in a nice touch. Plus, you can share a link to the cleaned-up version of the video even with people who don’t have the extension installed.

But when asked for our favorite feature, we have but one response: “No comments.”