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Article • April 20, 2012

Ask Real-Time Reporters About the Weather

Crowdsource the weather forecast with Weathermob

Nothing against weathermen, but the last time we were only 60 percent successful at our job it took the IT team five hours to clean the viruses off our hard drives.

Instead, we trust our forecasts to the masses with Weathermob. Alongside the standard seven-day outlook, the iPhone app generates on-the-ground, crowdsourced weather reports expressed with photos, videos, comments, and emoticons, adding a layer of depth to boring numerical data.

Reporting breaks down into three fields: what it looks like outside, how you feel about it, and what the weather has put you in the mood for. So sunny, happy, and ice cream sundae probably means we’re loving the conditions (or watching an episode of Game of Thrones).

You can follow people to stay abreast on their local weather and share your own reports on Facebook and Twitter.

The best part: You’re always 100 percent right.