Buyer's Market - Netted
Article • April 26, 2012

Buyer's Market

Inform Your Shopping Decisions with FindTheBest

FindTheBest isn’t just a current Webby Award nominee. It’s also well positioned to take home the coveted “Most Accurately Named Website” honor from Netted.

Here’s why.

The new comparison shopping site covers a comically large amount of topics, a small fraction of them being: credit cards, law schools, fast food items (the highest-calorie dish was a shock), laptops, soda, baby strollers, beachestequila, and airlines, plus camcorders, dirt bikes, and handguns (or as we call it, an Alabama vacation).

And yes, that is a small fraction.

But there’s no quality sacrificed for quantity. Each category has rating units specific to that topic – megapixels for cameras;  tasting notes for whiskey – and each specific item has its own page full of product info and tips for comparison shopping.

The site’s quick-glance Smart Ratings rely on a slew of experts from every field or an average of customer reviews from popular shopping sites.

And that’s why it’s Best in Show.