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Article • April 27, 2012

Physical Education

Start Exercising More with Sessions

Food pros: tastes great; keeps us alive.

Food cons: Left unchecked, our love affair with it would render us more immobile than the weights we should be lifting.

Here to keep us in check is Sessions, a remote health coaching service that designs bespoke fitness regimens and encourages users to stick to them.

Clients receive a personal consultation, customized exercise plan, daily monitoring with apps like Runkeeper, Fitbit and Foursquare, and scheduled chats to review progress and tweak programs accordingly.

But the most surprisingly useful feature is the human reinforcement. Coaches send emails and texts with motivational tips to eat healthy and Google Calendar invites for workouts. Too busy? Instead of taking no for an answer, they’ll make you walk to work or run your errands at double time – basically anything other than quit.

We worked out a deal with Sessions to get Netted readers an extended preview: three months for the price of one.

Because getting healthy is an acquired taste.